Fahrbericht: Jaguar XE – die Sportlimousine im Raubkatzenlook

Mit seiner neuen Limousine steigt Jaguar in den hart umkämpften Markt der Mittelklasse-Fahrzeuge ein. Die direkten Wettbewerber sind die Mercedes C-Klasse und der 3er BMW. Der Jaguar XE gibt sich betont sportlich und bietet so eine interessante Alternative zu den bekannten Platzhirschen. Wir haben getestet, wo der Brite punkten kann. Quelle: http://die-autotester.com

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  1. NO WAY!The car is worth $6000 tops. And it might have been totaled bascuee that small collision deployed the airbags, which can cost thousands to replace. Were they replaced? Hmmmm A salvage title knocks 40% off the car’s value. A clean-titled Mini Cooper like the one you’re looking at is worth $10,000 if everything works. I have nothing against salvage titled cars, sometimes they can be great deals if you wanna buy em and run em into the ground and don’t care about resale. However, this seller is out of his mind if he thinks his Mini is worth that much.Buying a salvage is no different than buying any used car: Run a Carfax or Autocheck to get an idea of the car’s history and make sure you have a pre-purchase inspection by a good mechanic. If all checks out and the price is right buy it. This Mini, however, is over-priced so walk.

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